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Running a Head and Neck Dissection Course

Running a course is really simple to do. Any surgeon familiar with surgical anatomy and operative procedures can do so. Only basic surgical tools are required.

Typical sequence of operations


Head & Neck Dissection and Reconstruction Manual (Chinese University of Hong Kong)


NGOs & Universities that run head and neck courses in Developing  World (Write to Johan Fagan to be listed)

Individuals you can ask to teach in Developing World countries (Write to Johan Fagan to be listed)

Companies that equip dissection courses (Write to Johan Fagan to be listed)

Preparing a Fresh Frozen cadaver

  • If wish to teach neck dissection, then include clavicles in cadaver specimen
  • Frozen better than formalin-preserved
  • Cadaver should be <3 weeks old, or it decomposes and smells by the day following thawing
  • Preservation/preparation
    • Refrigerate cadaver at –35oC
    • Thaw day before dissection
    • Wash and irrigate/clean nasal cavities
    • Place head in upright position in tank of water with fabric softener at room temperature overnight