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Running a Temporal Bone Dissection Course

Making a Temporal Bone Holder

Rounded base of bowl is placed on the black ring, and allows bowl (& bone) to be tilted in all directions. 

Lead disc placed inside bowl to weight it down.

Make your own metal holder

  • Any technician can make one for you
  • Iron /steel cooking pot or metal ring
  • Drill 4 holes at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock
  • Weld / Braze nuts over holes or tap thread
    into holes
  • Sharpen tips of bolts
  • Screw sharpened bolts into nuts/tapped holes
  • Rounded base of bowl is placed on ring, and allows bone to be tilted
  • If pot has flat base, use wooden wedges placed under pot to angulate temporal bone

Make your own plastic holder

  • Cut plastic football in half
  • Place material e.g. clay / plasticine / cement into ball
  • Press temporal bone into malleable material until only outer surface exposed